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Gaming Influencer, Esports Caster + Tech Enthusiast

Sam 'Tech Girl' Wright is a tech and gaming YouTuber/blogger who entered the world of esports broadcasting in 2016. She quickly cemented herself as a leading host, interviewer and MC for gaming and technology related events in South Africa and has since worked at various esports events in Europe and Asia.

Sam has played a significant role in many major esports and gaming events in South Africa, including the VS Masters 2016 Finals, which she co-hosted alongside Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner, as well as the 2017 Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship, for which she was desk-host for the duration of the competition. She’s proven her versatility time and again, working across various game titles including CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Dragon Ball FighterZ and even Splatoon 2. She’s also served as MC at various corporate events for brands such as Nintendo, Acer and ASUS.

Sam’s blog,, is one of the leading technology and gaming blogs in South Africa. She’s also branched out via her YouTube channel, where she produces behind-the- scenes vlogs of events, live-streams gameplay, and interviews popular gaming personalities.

Sam has a regular segment on 5FM called #GamerGlitch which occurs every Thursday night and most recently has launched South Africa’s first regular Gaming and Esports Newsletter along with ChaniZA.

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