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Founder + CEO ● Kucheza Gaming

Bukola Akingbade is the founder and CEO of Kucheza Gaming, an Africa focused games and esports company for 6 – 18 year olds. Kucheza is creating Africa’s largest community of young gamers through a fusion of gaming, esports, education and culture delivered in a non threatening and inclusive way.

With an impressive 15-year career in marketing and business growth, she advocates for brand involvement in gaming and esports to drive education, economic empowerment and provide new career pathways at a grassroot level. We must push to bridge inequality and promote growth through inclusivity and equity, which will result in better business”. Bukola is also a founding partner of Neukleos (a digital first solutionist company) and The Republicom Group, conveners of TechPlus (Africa’s largest technology platform) and Advertising Week Africa.

Under her leadership Neukleos started Springboard, a 6-month internship program to recruit and train penultimate university students in design, coding (focus on female coders) and performing art courses to re-tool them for the marketplace.

She is a global speaker and an editorial contributor.

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